Winter Specials with PT MICHELLE

Jun 13, 2019
Some great advice from PT MICHELLE…

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, have you already gone into hibernation.
Some people thrive in winter and enjoy exercising in the cooler months but for many winter beckons the comforts of our homes and warming foods. A typical winter diet means most of us will eat more foods that are high in carbohydrates and portion sizes larger, perhaps an extra coffee or hot chocolate too! This combined with lack of exercise will set you up to gain a few kilos over the winter months.
A change in season can be a good opportunity to change up your training routine. If you train outdoors join a gym for winter so you have no excuses when the weather is poor. If you are an early morning exerciser make sure you are prepared the night before, set the alarm, have your training gear ready and commit to your session. Exercise not only warms our bodies it also boosts our immunity. So do yourself a favour and exercise during winter to keep yourself warm, healthy and in shape!









Lucky for us PT MICHELLE has some great specials going on over winter!

DEAL #1 12 x 30min sessions $320

DEAL #2 8 x 45min sessions $280









Contact her on 0429 482 023 or for more details.